When the world sleeps

I am proud that when the world sleeps, I fight a war that no one has a clue about, apparently a silent one, that won't get any place in any history but mine. I am proud I won.


#bookreview The Diary on the Fifth Floor

Story is about Savannah, a 25 years old girl who starts thinking that she should visit a psychiatrist for she doesn’t find herself the same any more. Diary on the Fifth Floor by Raisha Lalwani is an easy few hours read. It carries brutal truths of life in the form of short incidents written in Savannah’s Diary.

The Subtle Review

The book makes you feel bad about yourself and also tells you to be okay to feel bad about yourself. And then tell some more of it. Yes, it is self- help, but it is fun read.

#bookreview: Until Love Sets Us Apart

A story based in medical college, four friends, a couple profusely in love and a tragedy that changes everything. If you looking for an easy read with a good story, this book is worth your attention.


MIRZAPUR; not many people know about the place which lies in the Purvanchal Zone in Uttar Pradesh in the immediate west of Varanasi, known for Carpets but now the world knows about it because Amazon Prime has launched an Original in November named “Mirzapur” and the show is already being praised in the fraternity. Okay,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts Beyond Boundaries

Let our thoughts come and go. Smile at happy memories, sigh at sad ones. Have twinkling eyes for the future but always be in our present. That is all we’ve got now!

The Moon That Night

As usual like every other night I was out for my after dinner walk. I usually got some company for my walk. That night I didn't. I realized I wanted to the walk alone. Without anyone elses company. Without any conversations. And then I saw the moon. It was neither full nor crescent. Just in... Continue Reading →

Free Voice for Free India

One of my friends is so much interested in politics that I call him being obsessed with it. He is touchy, over- sensitive and turns outrageous if something happens anywhere related to politics. It can be in any part of the world. Why am I telling you all this? I borrowed a book from him.... Continue Reading →

#book-review: Hey Dad! Meet My Mom

Around a month back I received a mail from the author of a book to offer honest review for his book and I affirmed him. As I don't review books hence I decided to just talk about it instead of following the suit of reviewing. Plot "Hey Dad! Meet My Mom" written by Sandeep Sharma... Continue Reading →

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